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Open? Sometimes. Conscientious? Try to be. Extraverted? Not really. Agreeable? It depends. Neurotic? Well.

Clarifying Consciousness is about moving beyond the basics of mindfulness meditation, now-ness, and egoic "abundance manifestation," to pragmatic co-creation of "a world that works for 100% of humanity without ecological offense or (economic) disadvantage of anyone" (Buckminster Fuller).


It's about transitioning from a Prediction & Control Addicted relationship with life to an Inspiring, Interdependent, and Co-Creative relationship with everyday experience from a place of gratitude and diligence, prayerfulness and playfulness, hard work and happiness.

Sounds fake. Sounds hokey. Sounds woo. Sounds terrible, right?


Good. Glad to see we're on the same page. Don't Book Now.

How is this Applicable to "REAL" Business?

Don't believe anything you hear or read -- here or anywhere -- until you test it through your own direct experience. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Clear and Simple.

Be, Hear, Naʻau

Have you encountered well-meaning but naïve processes that begin by understanding where we are as individuals, teams, companies, or cultures, then suggest tweaks, techniques, and to-do lists to fix things?

Has that ever really worked for you? Have any meaningful changes stuck, really, in a way that made you the person you know you can be or made your business successful and self-sustaining? Probably not, or you'd not be reading this right now, looking for out-of-the-box help to accomplish your out-of-the-box goals.

For many, the COVID pandemic initiated a process that felt like 20 years of change in 2 years and with the Internet Intelligence explosion of 2023, some people expect 200 years of change in the next 20. Crazy. Especially the more you don't think about it.

Others suggest that we already live in the Post-Automation Era, it just isn't evenly distributed yet. 


In cities like Phoenix, the everyday experience of driverless cars on everyday streets is 100% real, right now, today, although that reality may not have reached our own neighborhood yet.


Initially serving Chandler, Arizona, and now expanded to 180 square miles of the central Phoenix area, a growing number of vehicle automation companies are making autonomous vehicles normal in the emerging default consensus reality.

Clarity cannot possibly be attained without first understanding the nature of the present environment, with some degree of wholeness, from the micro to the macro level.


For example, as of 2023, we live in the era of increasingly ubiquitous self-driving vehicles. "It's only a couple of cities," is beside the point. Whatever earlier version of default consensus reality in which this was not true, a version of reality that you may have snapshotted in your mind, is outdated. Is it true that different DCRs exist and that "it ain't my DCR if it's not available in my city?" Is that true, really? Are you sure?

If we can't admit that we're wrong about something as simple as the fact that autonomous vehicles are a kind of harbinger of the Post-Autmation Era, then Clarifying Consciousness is definitely not the process for you. This is a process of grounding the esoteric in the everyday. Practical. Pragmatic. Getting Things Done. If that's not for you, don't book an initial P2P constructive peer counsel session now.


In New York City, artists, entrepreneurs, everyday folk, and community organizers suggest that we are in the process of Recalibrating Reality in alignment with a new default consensus reality. For those who can't or won't accept the possibility of this kind of reality, then Clarifying Consciousness is definitely not the process for you. Don't bother booking.

It's Called Reality Testing

If you don't feel confident with your own reality testing, or you enjoy compromising or hobbling others' capacity to reality test, or if someone has negatively impacted your own natural ability to do good and accurate reality testing, then even simple current facts such as those we've discussed above will seem confusing, untrue, maybe even triggering to you.


Reality Check: Is it true that the entire institution of science and the Standard Model of physics has stood at a kind of crossroads, or inflection point, for more than a decade as of 2023? Having "completely" explained less than 5% of that which this Earthly experience actually consists, with the verification of the Higgs Boson in 2012?

Meanwhile, an entirely new, cooperative, interdisciplinary philosophical, psychological, scientific, and spiritual vanguard is blossoming with new Theories of Everything that suggest that matter itself, everything that we took for granted as "real" in the material world, is empirically emergent from consciousness.


20th-century assumptions that consciousness magically arises from the material substrate of brain tissue are falling by the wayside, largely blown away by an otherwise inexplicable Observer Effect.

These are just a few of the scintillating facets of reflected light and direct experience shining forth in the present moment, right here on this Pale Blue Dot, this Garden Island Earth. It sounds woo-woo, but what if it's more real than the default consensus reality in which we grew up?

If none of this works for you, it's all good, Clarifying Consciousness is definitely not the process for you. Much love and happiness. Or, you can take a deeper dive.

Everyday Clarity

What can and ought we do, then?

Short-Term Suggestion: Cultivate compassion for ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our environment, and our fragile global civilization. The more rapid and unpredictable the change, the slower, more contemplative, and measured our response to achieve stability and ease, even through times of turbulent transition.

Maybe learn more about the Charter for Compassion.

Mid/Long Term Suggestion: Paradoxically, the more we increase our simplicity and clarity, the more we enhance our capacity for ambiguity and complexity.


Inspired by the best and most genuine expressions of historic faith traditions, from Abrahamic to  Alo-hā, and in reverential awe of the depth, diversity, and richness of humanity's global contemplative traditions, Clarifying Consciousness invites open, self-directed, expansive, inclusive, co-creative contemplative spaces -- online and IRL -- for people to meet in support and development of individual and shared human happiness, health, gratitude, light, and love. In a word, flourishing.​

So, you made it this far. Wow. Hi. Welcome to The End which is where The Beginning always starts. See you on the other side.

Clarity is Serenity
Clarity is Serenity
Clarity is Serenity

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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