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Ever Evolving


Is your business or project in transition?  Evaluating new product or service offerings? Are you asking where do we go from here? Probability Cloud Perspectives can help teams collaboratively define and explore new options, and then choose the best course of action from a present perspective, in the present moment.

Clarifying Consciousness is one method for transitioning from a Prediction & Control Addicted Futurism to an Inspiring and Interdependent Co-Creation of Everday Experience in business, community, and relationship.

Clarifying Consciousness is about people helping people in business, government, workgroups, teams, and individuals to find and connect with the truest version of our individual and interdependent selves for level best individual effectiveness and integrated group flourishing. Clarifying Consciousness is a process of awakening and attuning to the still small voice of intuition, the whisper of sacred wholeness within each of us, and to listen with increasing curiosity, interest, clarity, mutual esteem, and compassion to resolve problems, clear hurdles, and exceed challenges: inner, outer, mid-range, and long-term.

Inspired by the Charter for Compassion and conceived through work toward a Compassionate Kauaʻi County, Hawaiʻi Nei, and a world that works for everyone, Clarifying Consciousness expanded to support open-ended, co-creative spaces for application-specific insight and lifelong learning for managers and workers, leaders, and associates, students and teachers, inquiring together, engaging the concrete challenges and opportunities that face businesses through everday pragmatic practice.

What is the Nature of the Present Moment and How is this Applicable to Business?

From one perspective, the present moment appears to be a projection and a paradox of constantly evolving, ephemeral, and eternally immediate experience; even in the traditionally hard-nosed domain of business.

Be, Hear, Naʻau

Solutions begin by understanding where we are, as individuals, teams, and cultures, right now. In a perpetually pandemic-aware world, the interconnection and interdependence of the human race are more palpable and undebatable than ever before in history. It's no longer "woo-woo" to observe that every sector of our economy is transitioning toward greater dependence upon a deeper understanding and acceptance of the unexpected and unknown. We incorporate frameworks such as Four Game Dynamics (Short Game, Mid Game, Long Game, Deep Game) to bring attention and energy to bear on the material requirements of getting the things done that need to be done in this new environment.

For many, the COVID pandemic initiated a process that felt like 20 years of change in 2 years and perhaps hints at 200 years of change in the subsequent 20 years. Need proof?

Many suggest that we already live in the Post-Automation Era and that it just isn't evenly distributed yet. Simply because the everyday experience of driverless cars on everyday streets may not have reached our own neighborhood yet, doesn't mean that it's not already an everyday reality for thousands and even millions of humans, right now, in this very present moment.


Driverless transportation is 100% real in Chandler, Arizona, as it is in many cities served by  a growing number of vehicle automation companies. This is the nature of the present moment.

Clarity cannot possibly be attained without first understanding the nature of the present moment, with some degree of wholeness, from the micro to the macro level.

In New York City, artists, entrepreneurs, everyday folk, and community organizers are suggesting that we are in the process of Recalibrating Reality after what could be merely the first wave of pandemic that could fork and spawn unexpected varients that attack our vaccines themselves, at any moment.

Science, and the Standard Model of physics has stood at a crossroads for the past decade, "completely" explaining less than 5% of that which this Earthly experience actually consists.

Meanwhile, an entirely new, cooperative, interdisciplinary philosophical, psychological, scientific, and spiritual vanguard is blossoming with new Theories of Everything that suggest that matter itself, everything that we took for granted as "real" in the material world, is actually, empirically, emergent from consciousness. Older,  20th century assumptions that consciouness magically arises from the material substrate of brain tissue are falling by the wayside, largely blown away by an inexplicable Observer Effect.

These are just a few of the scintillating facets of reflected light and direct experience shining forth in the present moment, right here on this Pale Blue Dot, this Garden Island Earth. 


While there is plenty more waiting for those daring to take a deeper dive into the complexities of this deeply nuanced post-pandemic pivot point in history, the key is to keep it simple; especially as the complexities of daily life seem to increase exponentially.

Cultivating Clarity in Everyday Life

What can and ought we do in response to such simultaneously expansive and disruptive change?

Short-Term Suggestion: Cultivate compassion for ourselves, families, colleagues, our environment, and our fragile global civilization. The more rapid and unpredictable the change, the slower, more contemplative, and measured our response to achieve stability and ease, even through times of turbulent transition.

We can learn more about the Charter for Compassion.

Mid/Long Term Suggestion: Inspired by Alo-hā and the depth, diversity, and richness of humanity's global contemplative traditions, Clarifying Consciousness envisions open, self-directed, expansive, inclusive, co-creative contemplative spaces for people to meet in support of individual and team flourishing.​

Clarity is Serenity
Clarity is Serenity
Clarity is Serenity

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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