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A Moment of Personal Clarity

The work that I do here is not because I have reached some superior skill level or the result of not having suffered or do not suffer from the exact kind of drawbacks, deficits, or debilitating experiences. On the contrary, the reason I was inspired to begin offering my time and availability, is to share the benefits of things that have worked for me in the process of clarifying my own consciousness around the topics that we explore through this process. So, Clarifying Consciousness is a sharing process, not a teaching or a coaching or any other kind of information exchange that implies a hierarchy of relevance or utility. If you are at a place in your journey and your process where you understand and are prepared to exchange value of a solid sounding board then this might be for you. Otherwise, I hope you've learned something helpful in all of the free content and certainly hope and pray that you find the clarity that enables you to live the best version of your best self in what might not always be the best of all possible worlds. 🙏🏼

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