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All Ears Hawaiʻi

What compassionate and clarified consciousness looks like. Need someone to just listen without judgment? Give ʻem a call at 808 320-8487, and feel free to drop in at Clarifying Consciousness, any Monday in July 2021.

A listening session can:

  • Facilitate greater awareness and understanding

  • Give fresh ideas and perspectives on our lives

  • Provide relief and support from pent up emotions

  • Unwind fear and anxiety

  • Free us to live more fully in the moment

  • Make room for sadness to breathe

  • Transform challenges into opportunities for learning

  • Help us feel validated and supported

  • Create greater clarity on our values

  • Support deeper self-connection

  • Provide human connection and support when feeling alone

  • Bring a return of hope

All Ears Hawaii, founded in 2020 on Kauai, is a registered nonprofit organization in the State of Hawaii. Birthed in the midst of the pandemic, our mission is to offer empathetic listening support to those in need. We provide this ongoing service for free to the community and accept donations to cover our costs.

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