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Avoiding My Avoidant Attachment Style

As T says, "we teach what we most need to learn."

Also, we are so not alone. Anna explains how, "It's possible to have optimism and take positive action" to heal deep intergenerational and culturally reinforced negative patterns, without "drowning in drama of self-diagnosis." We don't have to allow Anxiety, Fear, Resentment, and Anger to keep happiness, health, gratitude, light, and love AFAR.

(57:51) "Some people who were abused or neglected cling to relationships. Others push people away."

(1:10:21) "A bunch of you will say no, that's not true, I'm fine, I have my dog." Anna: "That's fine, for those of you who are fine, go ahead and be fine. For those of you who want to learn how to have better connections, how to hang in there with a relationship without flipping out every time you're triggered, and without ruining the darn thing, this is what you do.

Learn, and get your information about attachment wounds. Learn to discharge the anxious and resentful thoughts that, when you are triggered, cause you to say and do harmful things. See, if you get triggered and you don't act on it, no harm is done. You have time to recover, and you can say something that's more constructive in healing. You can express what is bothering you without blowing up the whole thing. Wouldn't that have changed everything for you?"

(1:10:21) "If you're only ready for one small step, try this. Stop telling yourself the terrible story of your life."

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