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Being Too Nice Is Harmful – 2 Things We Need For Healing

At that point you can say I'm not with the right partner screw them it's all their fault, which many of us say. Or, it can be given the opening of a door questioning, what in here wasn't authentic, genuine, how do I keep creating the situation over and over again? Is it just bad luck? Or is there some pattern here? (6:15)
The most difficult things that happen to us are also the most compassionate. Part of us that loves ourselves more than anything else but these roadblocks in our way, to bring us to ourselves. We can look at them as problems or as teachings to bring us back to ourselves. (7:95)
So inauthenticity is our biggest cause of stress. (11:54)
If trauma is the disconnection from ourselves – due to normal responses to an abnormal environment – then health is the reconnection. (12:35)

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