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Lightening Up EnGaslightenment?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Disorganized personality behavior change is a bit like exploring the Marianas trench of clarifying consciousness.

Whether it's scripted and staged or not, doesn't even matter. Demonstrating what this behavior looks like, so that people understand that if you are an isolated target of this kind of behavior, you are not alone and so that others who are inclined to be comfortable playing flying monkey with the popular mean kids, begin getting uncomfortable.

"It's just a joke, it's funny, those gullible, sincere, naïve, overly nice people don't understand that we think gaslighting, berating, mocking, and badgering them is funny. We were just joking, sheesh!"

Yeah, well, it ain't funny, and it won't be funny bearing witness to what karma has coming around for such people. It won't be funny at all. However, it will be gratifying to the extent that borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, psychopathic, outrageous isolated behavior finally gets its 15 minutes of fame that it always did its covert best to try avoid.

However, mere exposure isn't enough. If we continue to be entertained by the audacity of the pathological lying and denial, and spare such behavior of any consequences whatsoever, we will only feed the machine even worse. So, this is a potentially good first step, but I suggest only potentially unless consequences are both compassionate and tangible.

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