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Grateful for Gatekeepers

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

I must confess that, for much of my life, I held a grudge and had a lot of resentment and anger towards the kind of people that might be described as conventional Default Consensus Reality Gatekeepers (DCRG). People who adopt valid beliefs only after such an overwhelming consensus of a given narrative makes it safe for them to continue in a position of relative authority, but who, all the way up until that point, look down their nose at the true-but-new, or give a side eye, or otherwise negatively impact the credibility of all of the people who ultimately make it possible for said DCRG to eventually sit there like some kind of authority with a sense of anti-empathic "hahaha I kind of knew this all along."

My anger was rooted in the injustice of the tarnishing of social credibility consequently inflicted upon some of society's most persistently and innocently curious. The unmerited mockery, score, and ridicule of innovators of all kinds.

I'm not specifically assigning this DCRG role to Dr. Kaku (overt covert way to say I am doing just that). An extremely soft spoken kind of pleasant demeanor is one of the ways by which a kind of unmerited credibility is maintained by gatekeepers who elevate anger defend self-serving default consensus reality narratives. Bill Gates's unassuming demeanor, for example.

Please, do not confuse with this as criticism of these people, per se (see, there it is again), I'm attempting to shed light on characteristics (and the characters).

All that said, I have somewhat moderated and expanded my view to consider the DCRG role as depersonalized. We all seem to navigate a human journey that oscillates between fear and love with countless states of (in)coherent consciousness in between the extremes.

For the moment anyway, it appears that only by cultivating an attitude of gratitude for the entire spectrum of conscious states can I begin to live in a more consistent state of grace myself, and thereby begin to resonate that state benefit of myself and any environment in which I find myself.

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