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How Consciousness is Creating our Life Experiences


Not only is knowledge power, today, more than ever, but lack of knowledge is also lack of power; power that is essential to achieving happy, healthy, confident, light, and love in every single moment of our lives. Definitely.

The original definition of competition to strive together.

NOT destroy "the other."

This is heaven if you understand how to get out of "the program," then you become the manifester of the program, then heaven is a way of life right here, right now for all of us.

"How many people in the world do you think are victims? What's the percentage of people that you think live in victimhood?"

I'd have to say 90 or more; really, at every level; I'm a victim of what, well, my job ... if I don't do what they say then I lose my job I don't have a job I don't have any money I don't have any health care I don't have any money and all of a sudden you start to realize; well, then, where do I get the money? Then, you better start conforming to whoever is going to give you the money; and at some point, you're not living your life you're living the program that you think you need to fit into the picture and if you live the program, it's almost all disempowerment. I can't do this, this won't happen, I can't whatever; I'm a victim and by just saying that word; the word is powerless; victim and powerless same word!"

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