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How to reset your body from chronic stress

Updated: May 7, 2023

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The parents' stress actually programs the physiology of the child.

And yet, the vast majority of mainstream therapists treat the individual like some kind of 1850's style subatomic billiard ball bouncing off of everything else, as it must, because of artificially constructed, impenetrably rigid boundaries that isolate individuals from everything and everyone them.

While healthy boundaries between electrons, molecules, cells, and tissues are essential, each of those boundaries are mechanisms of interdependent connection, not of clacking billiard ball social triangulation.

It's a real epidemic of hyper atomized invasive surgical individuation with perverse incentives baked in because the more isolated and dependent the patient is on the therapist the more reliable the therapist's paycheck.

No amount of do-gooderism that claims "I'm really only in it to help people," is even hypothetically credible in a culture that points a gun at a head of every individual to pay rent, or be homeless.

Now, back to electrons and molecules and cells. The body obviously has an immune system, for a good reason. An immune system is a healthy boundary system. At the same time, another pervasive epidemic is autoimmune system dysfunction. Are we living lives and defending oppositional values that are empirically antithetical to the very bodies we have been born into? In the name of an oppositional personality distortion of so-called free will, to the point of decimating healthy, intrinsic, interdependent boundaries, all the way down to the cellular level of our own bodies?

Don't believe some blogger. Go do your own research on rentier capitalism and how it has infiltrated and destabilized even the most intimate of human relationships. When the most fundamental relationships of a society are destabilized it is inevitable that the entire society becomes destabilized. Do you feel like you're living in a increasingly destabilized world?

Nobody here to be blamed, it's just how it has worked up until this point in history. Is this a pattern that we want to continue? Or is this a pattern that we would like to change?

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