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Suppose I'm Selfish (don't worry, it's clearly only me not you)

Listen to this episode of the The Urgency Of Change Podcast.

‘Selfishness is what it is. To observe it purely, without any distortion or pressure, that very observation exposes the whole consequences of selfishness and cleanses the mind of selfishness.’

This week’s episode on Selfishness has five sections.

The first extract (2:50) is from Krishnamurti’s second talk in Bombay in 1982, titled: We Are All Selfish.

The second extract (8:13) is from the first talk in Saanen 1978, titled: Why Are We So Appallingly Selfish?

The third extract (33:40) is from the second question and answer meeting in Saanen 1981, titled: Total Dissipation of Selfishness.

The fourth extract (42:16) is from Krishnamurti’s fifth talk in Bombay 1980, titled: Trying Not To Be Selfish Is Selfish.

The final extract in this episode (51:59) is from the sixth talk in Saanen 1975, titled: Stepping Out of the Stream of Selfishness.

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