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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It's a superpower and kryptonite.

Overachievers of all kinds seem to be genetically modified with the stuff.

You can be the greatest fishermen in your village. A true living aquaman.

Legendary for your generosity.

You can own an entire island with a quaint traditional village atop of a peaceful hill, where life seems so relaxed that the speed limit is 35 mph everywhere. Where $1,000 a night luxury resort playgrounds at the beach below provide for the quaint villagers to eek out a living.

Benevolent Emperor.

Respected Elder.

Same, only different.

This is a post to open a conversation about the role of relentlessness in each of our lives. How has it served us well? How has it not served us so well?

How does relentlessness impact our inner life? Our thoughts, feelings, and actions?

In what ways do we see relentlessness all around us in our home, community, and society?

What effect does our relentlessness have on the environment around us? At home, at work, in worship, in play?

What stories are we told about relentlessness as a positive or negative trait? What stories do we tell ourselves about our own relentlessness?

What is the difference between relentlessness and persistence, perseverance? Is there a difference? Is relentlessness like the word weed, which is simply a plant, that could even be beautiful, except for growing where we didn't plan or expect?

Is relentlessness a positive quality of persistence and perseverance in a place or person or situation in which we feel outperformed?

Es my own experience is the indication, even for overachievers, perseverance, persistence, and relentlessness are a mystery; let alone for people who do not feel intrinsic motivation, who can honestly be content sitting on the bank of a lazy river with a fishing pole and trusting the abundance of nature to provide our every need; which it does, whether we are prince, princess, vice president, or vagabond.

As always, I look forward to learning from your perspectives.

We are inquiring together.

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