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The Field is the Sole Governing Agency of the Particle

"The left hemisphere sees whole pictures the right hemisphere sees pieces, okay? The left hemisphere sees a brick wall, right hemisphere sees the little bricks in the wall, okay? The left hemisphere is intellectual, the right hemisphere is emotional. These are complementary characteristics as long as the brain is integrated, they work together. But after age seven they separate and during the day every couple of hours or so you're in the left side then a few hours later you're in the right side. What's the difference? I'm more intellectual in my approach and then a little bit later I'm a more emotional in my approach. This is where the stuff hits the fan. When a couple is arguing, let's just say the man is in his left hemisphere he's got all the words you know he's got I just cut you up with all the words, the woman in this particular case happens to be in the right hemisphere she's in the emotional side she's going oh, oh, she has no words. Two hours later she gets into her intellectual side he's on the emotional side. He's going oh man I really screwed this up and then she goes (you did this and that and you're a horrible person, etc.).

The energy psychology modalities are engaging, bringing them back together again just like a kid under seven. How fast did it take a kid to download something? He heard it, he downloaded it; that's how fast it goes. So, energy psychology can rewrite a program you've had your whole life in minutes. How do we understand, how do we get into energy psychology how do we get into that practice? On my website I've listed under belief change about 25 or 30 different versions of energy psychology and there's a little descriptor about each one and then a website to connect to and get more information.

I'm living heaven on earth. I publish my books. I'm living a completely in the middle of crazy land and I still live happy every day. In the middle of crazy land, you have happiness peace calm and love? Absolutely. We're creators.

I think I saw you share somewhere that the Matrix was not sci-fi it's a documentary. Absolutely. 100 percent. The premise is everybody was programmed, I say that's not a premise, that's a reality. A little bit of history here. The catholic group called the Jesuits have told their followers for 400 years, "give me a child until it is seven and I will show you the man." What did they know? Exactly what we've been talking about.

Seven years is programming, rest of life is 95% the result of that programming.

If couples rewrite all the negative, then every day is honeymoon, a hundred percent of the day. Unfortunately, fifty percent of marriages go boom why because when those bad programs come up they don't know how to deal with it.

You're talking about a lot of people are victims in the world. Why do you think so many people

center their identity with being a victim, and why do you think they hold on to it so tightly, when they know they could reprogram their beliefs and start living in accordance with a harmonious life and being the creator and manifesto as opposed to the victim who is powerless?

If you don't know how to push the button (instantly change your own toxic thoughts) it's frustrating, it's so much hard work to change, it's not easy, it takes time. These are belief systems. They try and it doesn't work (immediately). They said think positive and I thought positive, and it didn't work it's not working. You can think all you want but the problem is while you're "thinking" you're actually playing the negative program, so thinking about being positive is actually creating the negative problem because you're not paying attention (to the fact that) when you're thinking about being positive (your old programming is sabotaging that the whole time) so this is a whole issue. People have a feeling that they can change, but they have no effort, they don't want to get in the game because they feel it's just too much time, it doesn't work, I tried it and it didn't work, and then they give up."

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