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The Greatest Energetic Heist in History

"And it did work, until it didn't."

TFW, through God's grace and mercy, you woke up on the brink of ruin, unwittingly led to the very edge of the pit that they dug in order to kick you into, but you found out and got out, just in time. Wow. Almost impossible to believe until you have experienced it in the first person, yourself. Or, maybe not almost. Maybe exactly and soully.

When the death eaters return to their source, it's over for Madame Voldemort.

The challenge for you, oh great scientific minds, is to bring your great scientific process to this Real Lived Experience that millions, hundreds of millions of human beings testify to having had experienced themselves. Whether your calipers or laser beams can measure it or not. Science can no longer dispute this overwhelming direct lived experience data, by virtue of sheer volume alone.

We can endlessly debate quantitative and qualitative nuances. It'll create a thousand PhDs for you, if that's what we need. Personally, this observer would simply like to see a reduction of the needless suffering by making the kinds of adjustments that we know work to effect that reduction of suffering.

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