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The Myth of Normal

"The traits that are most identified with most chronic illness are the need to fit in, to be acceptable, and be nice. They repress their healthy anger, they are emotionally very rigid, and they don't ask for help from anybody. Usually that's based on childhood drama. Lou Gehrig was like that. Hyper-conscious, hyper-autonomous self-sufficiency,

I don't need anyone else. It's a major contributor to the ALS personality."

Maté adds,

Healthy anger is expressed when we respond to others encroaching upon our loved ones.

Those encroaching upon our loved ones and interfering with our family systems will often accuse and misjudge healthy boundaries for ourselves and our family system as selfishness or jealousy. Healthy boundaries for ourselves and our family system are not jealousy, they are the foundations of healthy and stable community.

To break unhealthy patterns, it's not about blame, it's about understanding.

A very complex and nuanced topic. Additional context, commentary, and Four Games interpretation to follow in a later post.

The Myth of Normal ...

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