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The Psychology of Narcissism

Cold controlling parents are experts at creating vulnerable narcissists, who often rise to positions of significant fame, power, or infamy, in order to mask their deeply damaged self-image.

In the video below, Dr. Todd Grande describes vulnerable narcissism like this:

"I'm so offended by criticism that I can't even address the issue, how dare you even bring it up when you've done so much worse to me, and hurting you and blame shifting onto you that it must be your fault will bring me some relief, so that's what I'm going to do. In fact, the very idea of criticism is offensive to me, people should never be criticized."

"I have no defense for my behavior, therefore I conveniently forget things, but maintain an impeccable list of real, semi-real, fabricated, and perceived wrongs that you have done to me, and the burden is not on me to prove them, the burden is on you to prove that I'm lying or manufacturing something that just sounds good to brutally assassinate your character."

On constantly starting fights out of nowhere for seemingly no reason (10:45):

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