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There is Conflict Between Man and Woman

"When we ask why, we are always asking for the cause. Because we think in terms of causation, hoping thereby, if we could understand the cause, then perhaps we would change the effect. Why is it that we human beings have not been able to solve the problem of relationship, although we've lived on this Earth over millions and millions of years?"

You have created an image of her and she has created a picture, a verbal structure about you, the man.

"So, relationship is between these two images. These images have been put together by thought and thought is not related to love. Is thought love? Are all the memories of this relationship with each other the remembrances, the pictures, the conclusions about each other, if one observes closely without any prejudice are the product of thought are the result various remembrances experiences, irritations, loneliness. And so our relationship with each other is not love but the image that thought has put together."

Isn't it?

When we live by thought, when all our actions are based on thought, we are not existing within love. Because love is something deeper than thought. Love is something transcendent of thought.

Love defies words. Love escapes words.

The words "I love you," are not love. They are only words. Love can only be expressed in essence and action.

Isn't it?

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