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What is Clarifying Consciousness?

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

That's what Tracey Schavone asked me yesterday on Kauaʻi Vibrations (see July 7 in the archives), where she has generously and uncompromisingly held space for the public voice on public airwaves for over 20 years. What a tremendous gift, blessing, act of selfless service, role model and inspiration. Thank you, Tracey!

Unlike the majority of my life in business communications and technology, I had not carefully composed, planned, and focus-group A/B tested a radio-ready answer to Tracey's directly on-point question, so I winged it from the heart, practicing being vulnerable in the moment in ways I've never experienced before. It was a wonderfully interesting and liberating experience, overall, which I only tarnished a little bit at the very end by interrupting another friend at the station after the interview, in over-exuberance to re-connect with people that I hold in such high regard for the most selfish of reasons: for some reason, these extraordinary people have somehow managed to tolerate my all too often infantile naivete and foolishness as I've struggled through my own, ongoing process of Clarifying Consciousness.

Today, thanks to Tracey, I am on my way to a better radio-ready response to what's happening in this space. So, here goes nothing. First and foremost, the standard model of physics was completed a decade ago, with verification of the Higgs Boson. After the initial exuberance faded, that completion event sent much of institutional, corporate, industrial age science into an extended era of anomie, now that they had no handy jigsaw pattern puzzle to assemble.

This, because the 100% consistently mathematical Standard Model only describes less than 5% of whatever the heck is happening in our lived experience on planet Earth.

All of that is still way too much for a radio-ready response, so I'm going to have to do better than that. Unfortunately, or fortunately for those who enjoy the process of translating inquiry and insight into the practical reduction of suffering and even modest improvement of The Human Experience, the simplest answer might require peeling another bushel of onions because, for every complex line of inquiry, there is a simple answer that is direct, immediate, and less than best. Occam's Razor can be used to slice an onion in half, but that does not peel the layers of the onion, itself.

While Clarifying Consciousness has deep roots in rigorous scientific, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical inquiry, our purposes here are to simplify and engage with one another in ways that are easy to access and expansive, individually aware, and widely inclusive, in the most skillful ways possible. By definition, that's a rather daunting task that will forever be a work in progress, and that's okay. Also, it is work that is so deeply needed and so rewarding in a post-pandemic Post-Automation Era, that I can't possibly think of anything more worthwhile to do with my remaining fleeting time on Earth. Inspired by Tracey's outro music:

Clarifying Consciousness is a commitment to being and becoming people helping people.

At the end of all the complexity, it really is just that simple. People helping people to become clear in our relationship to the happiest flow-state versions of ourselves, and thereby, automatically with one another.

After all of this, if I haven't lost you in this post, then I definitely hope that you (yes you, the actual person reading this right now, not a theoretical you that only applies to other humans) can and will consider assisting in the co-creation of this unfolding experience at the Princeville Community Center 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., every Monday in July of 2021. You are invited to spend a few minutes attending to the alo-hā of aloha with us – hā ke akua i ka lewa – to that which is the transcendent serenity of this sacred ʻāina of Kauaʻi, by listening and sharing with one another.

In the words of Buckminster Fuller, we do this for the purpose of making a world that works for everyone. As suggested by another rather well-known historical role model and teacher, we do this to cultivate conditions on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It's only as far-fetched as we have to go in fetching our runaway minds back to the present moment. If we can do this, together, why wouldn't we?

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. In the Post-Automation Era, we need to go both far, and quickly.

P.S. Thank you again for sharing the most infinitely valuable substance in the universe: your attention. Hope to see you Monday. Aloha nui loa and Mahalo nui piha.

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