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You Are Designed To Heal

Crappy Childhood Fairy Anna Runkle calls evil the nefarious force and explains why, as a clinical thinker, she uses the word evil when it comes to the harms done to children and the deeply ingrained intergenerational patterns that harm creates.

She speaks to the process of polarization, and how we can inadvertently get pulled into a highly polarized location; one that is actually quite distant from our true selves. "See? I'm such a good person. All these other people ... they're bad." They need to be stopped. They are the reason I am the way I am. If they would just realize how kind I am. Look at all of the nice things I do, and no one ever appreciates me. We're just trying to live our lives, and they hate us. We're the victims here, and that's why we cannot tolerate the slightest difference from our views, because they are so intolerant. Believed and acted out without the slightest sense of irony.

Why can't they just? Why can't he just? Why can't she just?

They, they, they. He, he, he. She, she, she.

It is deep pain from deep damage. It is said that hurt people hurt people. Using that hurt as an excuse to hurt others, who just happen to fit some stereotype of the kind of people who deserve to pay for hurting us, is evil.

Fortunately, human beings all possess the essence of goodness, as well. It may have been reduced to a single point of light, like a lonely star in a vast and empty sky; however, unlike that star, this light lies within. Focusing upon that single point of light, however small, invites it to grow. Anyone, can bring this light into their own darkest places. As the light grows, it will cast shadows, it can be scary, it can reveal the places that we were hurt, and the places that we have hurt others in shockingly identical ways to the ways we were hurt. It can bring forth torrential rains of tears. In fact, it is finally finding and allowing those tears to flow like rivers of living water, that can signal the restoration of a dry and parched land.

This is the way of sunlight and rain. The fundamental elements that perpetually restore the Earth and all that dwell upon it, as they restore us, for these bodies too are made of that clay.

As Anna describes it, "I see healing like grass. It's as if we got stuck for a whole season under the black tarp a black tarp. The grass didn't die, but it can't grow. It's like bad grass. It's all yellow and stringy under there and there's little pill bugs in the worms. Then one day, you lift up the tarp. You have the power to do that when you're healing. The Sun shines on the grass. The sun can't not shy on the grass. Fresh rain falls on it. And not very much time the grass comes back. It becomes what it was always meant to be. It's green, it's strong, it's abundant. You are like that. You are designed to heal, like grass."

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