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The Rage

Even if they do go to therapy, they will only recruit therapists as flying monkeys and never actually work on themselves.

One of the most advanced versions projects all of this on to you, so that the narcissist actually convinces you that you are the narcissist! Eternal hall of smoke and mirrors.

It's all enabled and exacerbated because they are the Master Of Masks. Truly you are completely outgunned and outplayed, and it's not a game you even knew you were in, much less wanted to try to win.

I's where all the b******* of "I'm a unicorn, b***ch" and "underestimate me that will be fun," t-shirts come from; because for them, it's only about winning, exerting complete control, just like Mommy.

They never cared for you in the way you cared, because there was no capacity. You are only an object to them. A way for them to look good and tell a story as if they are normal and stable.

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